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                                            Tuesday September 06, 2011







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PPP, ML (N) and Nationalists of 3 Provinces Oppose Kala Bagh Dam

By Abbas Kassar

HYDERABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party, Muslim League (N) and nationalists from Sindh, Balochistan and Frontier provinces have rejected Kala Bagh Dam terming it as anti- Pakistan which will not only destroy three provinces but could cause damage to solidarity and unity of Pakistan. All Parties Conference called by Awami Tehrik of Rasool Bux Palijo was held at a local hotel in Hyderabad on Tuesday which was attended by Pakistan Peoples Party, Muslim League (N), Jamaat Islami, Jamiat Ulema Islam, Tehrik Insaaf, Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party, Sindh National Front, Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz, Sindh National Council, Jeay Sindh Mahaz ( both Zain Shah and Junejo groups), Awami National Party, Jamhoori Watan Party, intellectuals and water experts. The APC passed number of resolutions called Hyderabad Declaration which said any person including Minster, Assembly Member, Nazim on an individual supporting Kala Bagh Dam would be deemed as National Traitor like Ayub Khuhro and Pir Ali Mohammed Rashdi ( both late ministers who had supported then One Unit and are hated y people of Sindh even today) present education minister of Sindh Madam Hamida Khuhro is daughter of Ayub Khuhro. The declaration said that all democracy, justice and peoples loving political parties, intellectuals, experts and political leaders say in this joint declaration that anti- democratic, unconstitutional and dictatorial government of General Musharraf has no moral or legal right to destroy Sindh and play havoc with unity of country in name of Kala Bagh dam. It said in spite of fact that three provincial assemblies had passed resolutions against Kala Bagh dam yet talking of national consensus was joke with the nation. It demanded independent commission consisting international institutions to resolve the issue of distribution of water judiciously. The declaration asked World Bank and Asian Development Bank not to provide funds for controversial project of KBD that was aimed to genocide of Sindhi people and cast danger to national unity of Pakistan. Addressing the APC Hakim Ali Zardari father in law of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto said rulers cannot be believed and asked from them “would they tell as to how much extent have they implemented Concurrent List of Constitution”. He said until people will not be ready to offer sacrifices they could not get rights. ML(N) leader Siidique Al Farooq said he had brought the message of Nawaz Sharif that only those project would be implemented which will be approved by people of all provinces. Sultan Mandokhel of ANP said government has raised the issue of Kala Bagh dam to push the rehabilitation work to cold storage. Dr. Qadir Magsi of Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party said people would never accept any dam including carry over dam. Basshir Khan Qureshi chairman of Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz said survival of Sindh lies in water and we should announce blocking roads leading to Punjab. Gul Mohammed Jakhrani of Sindh National Front said people have expressed faith in PPP as such it should lead and other parties would follow them.Rasool Bux Palijo said criminal ruling clique has not only endangered national unity of Pakistan but were bent for genocide of Sindhis.Jamat Islami Sindh Amir Dr.

Mumtaz Memon, Jeay Sindh Mahaz Chairman and grand son of G. M. Syed Zain Shah, PPP MPAs. Murad Shah, Ms. Sasui Palijo, JUI Sindh General Secretary Dr. Khalid Mahmood Soomro, National Workers Party chief Yousuf Masti Khan,General Secretary of Jamhoori Watan Party and Zubair Ahmed Sindh president of Tehrik Insaaf also addressed the APC.



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